Thursday, May 28, 2009

Latex equation editor on webpage

The CodeCogs Equation Editor is an online editor that facilitates the creation and formatting of LaTeX equations. Used in combination with our LaTeX rendering scripts, it creates HTML code to render an equation on any website and some email programs. The editor is open source and can be easily extended and adapted for any particular need. It is compatible with a range of WYSIWYG editors, supports multiple languages and works across all major internet browsers, including IE, FireFox, Safari and Opera.

There are really two distinct problems that we solve:

  1. First is the creation of LaTeX formulas. Few of us remember all the commands and the CodeCogs editor is there to facilitate this.
  2. Second is how to render code into graphical (nice looking) equations. We use a variety of techniques that can be use in isolation or even collectively. If you're familiar with LaTeX then very often you can create equations without ever using the editor.
The equation editor can be found here

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