Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cross platform printer sharing with password protection

After googling many sites, large number of people can setup a share folders,files or printers between Windows and Linux Platform, specifically Ubuntu, without password protection. To limit the access of share folder, pinters, the administrator setups the password for some user account.

In my environment, the Host computer which connect to printers is Windows XP platform and client computer is Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope (9.04) with samba installed. To access shared printer with password protected, the clients have to follow these step
1. Open printer configuration in Administrator>Printing
2. click on New>Printer
3. On left menu, click on Windows printer via SAMBA
4. click browse to browse to target printer
5. activate Set authentication details now and insert username and password given by administrator (you can test that the printer and password match by click on button verify)
6. click forward
7. browse for target printer's brand and click forward
8. Select model then forward (it would load driver for target printer)
9. activate some options that you'd love to
10. In the last step, it would prompt you to print test page
11. Finish!!

Note :
- you can see the status of printing by clicking on properties of target printer, the status is shown in Printer state : field
- printer sharing works on same subnet only

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