Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cisco Lab 1 : LAN Switch Catalyst 2950

1. Setup IP address of Ethernet switch
2. Configure telnet interface
3. Test switch features
3.1. Connection
3.2. Speed limit

Setup IP Address of Ethernet switch
1. Set interface of VLAN1 (management VLAN for telnet)
Switch(config) # int vlan1
2. Set IP address for interface VLAN1 (IP address of switch)
Switch(config-if) # ip address "IP_ADDR" "SUBNET_MASK"
3. Enable VLAN1
Switch(config-if) # no shutdown
4. Setting test
4.1. Switch # show running-configuration
4.2. Ping from computer connect from switch LAN interface (using static IP adress)

Configure telnet interface
1. Setup IP address of switch
2. Configure the maximum support sessions for telnet sessions (support to 5 sessions 0...4)
Switch(config) # line vty 0 4
3. Set the password for line vty (line virtual TeleType), we have to set since switch will not allow user to connect via telnet without password protection.
Switch(config-line) # password xxxxx
4. Set switch to prompt user to login
Switch(config-line) # login
5. Exit to Global configuration mode
Switch(config-if) # exit
6. Set up password for priviledge EXEC mode, we have to set for telnet user to configure the switch.
Switch(config) # enable secret xxxxxxxxxxxx

Test switch features
1. Test connection by using two laptops connect via FastEthernet port0/0 and 0/24
- Ping to see that ICMP packet.
- Test shutdown and no shutdown to disable and enable interface
2. Limit the speed 10 Mb or 100 Mb
- Select interface to set speed
Switch(config) # int FastEthernet0/0 ----> interface 0 port 0
Switch(config-if) # speed 100 ----> set speed to 100 Mbps
Switch(config-if) # duplex full ----> set full duplex communication
- See the result in laptop ethernet connection information

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