Sunday, June 7, 2009

Testing Ubuntu Jaunty Netbook Remix on Aspire One

I just have some time for fun testing Ubuntu netbook remix version of Jaunty. My testing environment is
OS : Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope (9.04) netbook remix and PC version
Hardware : Acer Aspire one 110
Main Memory : 2GB
Non Volatile memory : Flash memory 8 GB
It is good at the first sight that it can boot on USB flash drive faster than Windows XP (home and professional edition). The interface is very nice and splendid animation. It has no question why I won't install this image into my aspire one. After all installation is complete which takes about 30 mins!!!, I've to wait for installing update about 1 hour ???.However, the new version still has some bugs. After I have change the look from netbook to classic, it cost me very much. The problem that I've face is that it cannot open X window after reboot (it says that the display is not composite or something like that ...). After fixing by using commandline, at last, I decided to newly install ubuntu using Desktop version instead.

The Ubuntu in desktop version costs only 2.3 GB for OS (less WinXP). The speed is , of course, also faster than older OS, Windows XP. Another impression about this Jaunty is that it can run compiz and wobbly effect (WOW!!!) like my laptop and the problem about the X windows is not happened in this version.

So, for the people who interests to install Ubuntu netbook remix version on Acer Aspire one, I recommend that you should not change the look from the default to the classic (as the system tells you) since it can cost you to install all of the thing again and again

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